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Software Developer

Zaventem • Belgium

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As a software developer, you design, implement ant take ownership of customer projects involving complex distributed systems. You work on the customer’s premise and in-house at Devoteam. You provide a technical expertise and develop applications following the requirements. You have experience of development standards & best practices, produce quality code and deliver functionality to the end user.

You are responsible for (unit)-testing, integration, installation, maintenance and automation of your system. You work in the software project team in colaboration with the software architect and the project manager.

Besides your role as a Software developer, you will also contribute to the growth of our Software Development practice, by consolidating and sharing your knowledge and experience with your colleagues at Devoteam.


- You are proficient in Java and able to switch to another language like JavaScript, Python, Ruby, Scala, Closure, Go when it is a better tool for the job.
- You have good knowledge of Java enterprise framework like Java EE, Spring, CDI, JPA, JAX-RS as other like Akka, NodeJs, Vert.x, Strom.
- You can find your way around application servers like JBoss, Tomcat, Oracle WebLogic, IBM WebSphere.
- You have good grasp of complex distributed systems and are familiar with the different messaging (REST, SOAP, Ajax) and architectural (Micro-service, lambda architecture, service discovery, CAP theorem) concepts used on them.
- You are familiar with unit tests, integration test, continuous integration, deployment.
- You have experience with task automation and tools like, Maven, Gradle, Puppet, Ansible, Chef, Vagrant.
- You are not afraid to program the infrastructure in a cloud (OpenShift, OpenStack, Azure, AWS, Google Cloud).
- You are confident with relational databases (SQL Server, Oracle SQL) as well as with noSQL ones (Cassandra, MongoDB, Redis …).
- You have a good knowledge of OO and design patterns and know when and where to apply them.
- You have fluent oral/written communication skills in English. You are fluent oral/written communication skills in Dutch and/or French (one of this language is mandatory).
- You have a Bachelor degree in Computer Science or equivalent through experience.


Talent Acquisition Team

Talent Acquisition Team